Instant Knife Thermometer


Instant Knife Thermometer


Instant read digital food thermometer.

This digital meat thermometer features instant read with fast reading, high accuracy, large display, 11cm long probe and magnet.

Your ideal helper on the grill or in the kitchen.

Interchangeable temperatures between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

main features
FAST: The instant read food thermometer responds in 3-6 seconds and has an accuracy of ±1℃ and a measurement range between -50℃ and 300℃.

CALIBRATION FUNCTION: It can maintain high accuracy after a long period of use, and you can calibrate the device if you need. Calibration ranges from -3℃ to 3℃.

INTELLIGENT AND MAGNETIC: To conserve battery this thermometer automatically turns off if not used for 10 minutes. Its magnet design makes the thermometer easy to stick to the oven or refrigerator securely when not in use.

FOOD GRADE & MULTIPLE USES: The 11cm probe is made of food grade stainless steel and is long enough to prevent burning your hands while measuring. The thermometer is ideal for meat, fish, chicken, pork, lamb and other foods, it is also suitable for measuring the temperature of liquids.

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